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Omnipure USA 1 Micron Carbon Benchtop Countertop Water Filter

Omnipure USA 1 Micron Carbon Benchtop Countertop Water Filter
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Omnipure USA 1 Micron Carbon Benchtop Countertop Water Filter
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A High quality, cost effective, portable method of water filtration.
The Omnipure Carbon Block 1 Micron countertop (Bench-top) water filter stands conveniently on the sink for easy 'self' installation to the kitchen tap, using the special diverter valve provided. A great alternative to the brita and similar on tap systems.

Fitted with a 10" Omnipure 1 Micron OMB9341M cartridge to provide you with the best, clean, fresh tasting water.
Perfect for renters, students, holiday homes, travellers and granny flats.
The Omnipure OMB9341M one micron carbon block filter is manufactured in the USA and effectively reduces chlorine, chemicals, pesticides, giardia, cryptosporidium, unpleasant tastes and odour along with some harmful metals.
Made from premium coconut-shell carbon, fresher, sweeter tasting water is ensured.
Replace Filter Cartridge Every 6 - 12 Months
Replacement Filter Cartridge: See Below
Easy Installation:

Countertop How To Omnipure 1M 

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