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HydROtwist Premium Quick Change Twin Under Sink Water Filter 10"

HydROtwist Premium Quick Change Twin Under Sink Water Filter 10"
HydROtwist Premium Quick Change Twin Under Sink Water Filter 10"
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  • Model: HTR2000AP
  • Weight: 5.00kg

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HydRotwist HTR2000AP Quick Change Twin Undersink system is ideal for kitchens with limited under sink cupboard space. It features a State of the Art Twist-Off cartridge system, ensuring quick, easy removal and replacement of the cartridges. The HydROtwist Twin Under Sink System has set the standard for water filters.

Hand Built & Factory Tested all our systems come with Quick Connect Push Fit Fittings to ensure a leak proof fit every time. This is a premium system.

Ultra Compact Design
Uses Minimal Space Under the Sink
Easy Maintenance
Hygienic Twist-off Cartridges
3 Year Warranty

2 Stage Filtration

Stage 1 - HydROtwist 5 Micron Granular Activated Carbon Pre Filter
Pre-filter - GAC - Granular Activated Carbon Filtration
Removes Dirt, Rust, Sediment, Colour, Taste and Odour

Stage 2 - HydROtwist 1 Micron Carbon Block Post Filter
Post Filter - Carbon Block - 1 Micron Filtration
Removes Chlorine, Crypto, Giardia, Metals & Chemicals

The HydROtwist quick change twin under sink DIY package comes complete and ready to install with your choice of designer chrome ceramic disc tap, 500kpa pressure limiting valve with isolation valve, quick connect push fit fittings, tubing, installation instructions, 3 year warranty and customer technical support.


Water Filter Taps and Faucets

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Undersink Specifications:

Flow Rate (approximate): upto 3 litres per minute
Dimensions: 18W x 33H x 8D cm
Warranty: 3 years
Micron Rating: 1 micron

Filtration Test Results:

GeneralData % Reduction
Chlorine 99.9
Suspended Solids 97.0
Nutrients % Reduction
Nitrate (as Nitrogen) 99.9
Metals % Reduction
Arsenic 97.8
Copper 99.9
Lead 99.9
Mercury 99.9
Disinfection by Products % Reduction
Total trihalomethane 99.9
Chloroform 99.9
Bromodichlormethane 99.9
Bromoform 99.8
Pesticides % Reduction
Limited* 98.8

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