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HydROtwist Omnipure Quick Change Reverse Osmosis 4 Stage QRO4

HydROtwist Omnipure Quick Change Reverse Osmosis 4 Stage QRO4
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HydROtwist Omnipure Quick Change Reverse Osmosis 4 Stage QRO4
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Featuring state of the art technology in water purification, the HydROtwist 4000 Omnipure Q-Series QR04 Under Sink Quick Change Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System offers a compact design, with easy maintenance and hygienic twist-off filtration cartridges meaning you can change the filters yourself!

Of all the methods to purify drinking water for domestic use, the process of reverse osmosis is the most advanced, economical and effective. Years of engineering, field testing and continued design refinement combine to make the HydROtwist Omnipure Q-Series QR04 the best in its class.

Hand Built & Factory Tested all our systems come with John Guest Quick Connect/Push Fit Fittings to ensure an even easier DIY Installation.

This is a premium system that has been tested and WQA Gold certified.

- Space Saving Design
- Fits Neatly Under the Sink
- Easy Maintenance
- Hygienic Twist-off Cartridges
- 10 Year Warranty

Premium 4 Stage Purification

Stage 1 - Sediment / pre-filter
Mechanical Filtration - removes sediment, dirt and rust.

Stage 2 - Carbon Pre-filter
Protects the membrane from chlorine.

Stage 3 - Ultrafine TFC RO Membrane
High Performance 140-200 Litres per day
Pore Size - 0.0005 Microns.

Stage 4 - Carbon Polishing Post Filter
Provides better Tasting Water.

Optional Alkaliser available as an added extra. (Please choose above)

The HydROtwist QRO4 Omnipure Reverse Osmosis System is certified to reduce barium, cadmium, chromium III & VI, copper, fluoride, lead, mercury, nitrate, nitrite, radium, selenium, and TDS.

The HydROtwist QRO4 Omnipure Reverse Osmosis System produces healthier, better-tasting drinking water and cooking water.

This system comes complete and ready to install and comes with the following:

- John guest Fittings/Tubing
- 550kpa Pressure Limiting Valve with isolation valve
- Choice of conenction tee junction - 1/2" to suit kitchen mixer tap cold water braided line or 3/4" cold water dishwasher line
- 2.2G standard strorage tank
- Choice of designer tap
- Installation Instructions
- 10 year Warranty

Optional extras available - (Please choose above)

- Large 3.2 gallon water storage tank
- Large 3.2 gallon stainless steel water storage tank
- Stainless steel designer carmic disc tap
- Premium Alkaliser (raises PH to an alkaline level)

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Premium Designer Faucets & Taps for Water Filters

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